Prison Time For Sharing Little Debbies

Hey readers, I’m still sunning and funning in…well New York City, and why not? Staycation is the new Vacation! Here’s a vintage post from the early days of SFSG in 2008. -Madam Toussaint

It is up to a judge in southern Ohio to decide whether 21 year old Timothy Caudill would have to face addition prison time for sharing a Little Debbie snack cake.

Caudill was already serving time in a residential community corrections program in Nelsonville for breaking into a bar. While there, prosecutors said he bought the oatmeal creme pie from a vending machine and shared it with a fellow inmate who was on restriction and wasn’t allowed access to snacks.

Prosecutors in Vinton County have asked Common Pleas Judge Jeffrey Simmons to revoke Caudill’s probation and put him in prison for 9 months.

Ordinarily sharing is caring but this time it could be 9 months in the pokey.

Keeping Caudill out of a state prison would leave cell space for a more serious offender.” -Caudill’s attorney Claire Ball

Recently it’s been reported that every 1 in 100 Americans are in prison and it has been widely reported for some time now that the U.S. has more persons in prison than any other industrialized nation, not to mention our developing nations communist friends.

I think a case as ridiculous as this and a case as serious as the Sean Bell trial give us an idea of exactly where we are living. What is the legal precedent set when judges make decisions like this? Where are our rights and who will be next?

Little Debbie could not be reached for comment.


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