5 Ways To Improve Your Health Right Now

As the readership of this website grows I like to show what we’ve talked about in the past. Part of going green is good health so if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, or would just like to feel better, here’s 5 things you can do today.

Drink And Eat Less Of These

Here at SFSG we’ve covered many food and drink atrocities you might want to stay away from. Here’s a few.
Are You Drinking Fat? NYC Dept. Of Health Anti Soda Ad
Controversial “Extreme Relaxation” Beverage Drank Marketed To Hip Hop Youth
Fast Food Fountain Sodas Contain Bacteria Found In Feces
What’s Worse For You Than KFC’s New Double Down Chicken Sandwich?
Burger King’s Burger Had A Baby With A Pizza
Why Aren’t We Eating Chicken For Breakfast?

Do This Everyday And Reduce Your Risk For Heart Disease

This is so much easier than you’re probably thinking! One Easy Thing You Can Do Everyday To Improve Your Health

Reduce Your Chemical Exposure

In the posts Link Found Between Children With ADHD And Pesticides and Some Thoughts On Pesticides, ADHD and BP’s Oil Spill I discussed the effects of harmful pesticides and why it’s best to reduce your exposure to them. You can also do that by wearing organic cotton. Find out what the link is between better health and what you wear in Why Buy Organic Cotton?

In An Interview with Nordea The Handmade Soap Queen Pt 1 we discussed the benefits of handmade soap over commercial brands. You may be surprised what you find there.

Also you can explore the many uses for vinegar in 3 Things You Can Use Vinegar For Instead

Exercise, But You Knew That Already!

You don’t have to join a class but get moving a little everyday. Read more about that in Tahitian Hip Hop Hips Don’t Lie, Or Do They?

Eat Better And Get More Out Of The Food You Eat

Need to get more fruit in your diet? Try these tips in My Top 5 Ways For Getting More Fruit In My Daily Diet If I can do it you can!

Get more out of the food you eat by going organic. Don’t believe organic food is real and is a waste of time? Find out what organic food is. Think organic costs more? Find out what doesn’t have to be bought organic.
Top 5 Questions You May Have About Organic Food

BONUS: Silent Jay’s Top 5 Things We Can Do Differently Right Now!

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