Russia Battles Record High Temperatures

Photo Credit: NASA, Satellite image of smoke and fires in western Russia

There has never been a summer like this. Never. Not once.” ~Ivan Tyurkin, Russian fisherman,

This has been one of the hottest summers on record, not just here but also in Russia, where folks are well prepared for the icy grip of freezing temperatures…Sweltering heat- not so much.

Sweltering is relative but by any stretch of the imagination when Eastern Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, hits 90 degrees plus, in the evening, something’s wrong.

As a result of these high temperatures Russia’s worst drought in 130 years has withered millions of acres of wheat. Forest fires have been erupting and spreading, some even in the forests near nuclear power plant Chernobyl. Environmentalists warned the fires are sending radioactive smoke downwind.

Here’s some recent footage of Evidence & Alchemist in Russia

Peace to

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Over 2,000 people have died in July and June alone from drowning in waterways “often after seeking relief from the heat while intoxicated.”

I wouldn’t advise swimming and drinking but if you’re asking yourself “Why not just get air conditioners then?” the answer is given the typical Russian summers it isn’t a practical investment.

They’re also going to those lengths to stay cool because the smog and smog from smoldering fires lead many to close their windows, making for some very hot houses this summer.

The fish are also dying due to a lack of oxygen in the depths of the waters they go to to escape the high temperatures at the surface.

It’s a glimpse at the future we may expect due to global warming.

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