DOWNLOAD: Lex Boogie From The Bronx- Lex In Space

Space has been in the news a lot lately. NASA recently celebrated a birthday and overrated producer Dr. Dre said he wants to geek out with an interplanetary instrumental album.

I need a late pass on this but better late than never. Here’s the space themed Hip Hop instrumental project by Lex Boogie From The Bronx because humankind will colonize space before Dr. Dre releases his.

Lex in Space is an instrumental odyssey through sci-fi TV show adventures watched with adjusted rabbit ears, Mylar protected comic books worth a fortune now, tin foil hats and bedroom telescope dreams of interactions with little green men through a Hip Hop lens.

Lex In Space album
DOWNLOAD via bandcamp

Standouts for me include: The boom bap of “Mars Attacks”, the still insistent loneliness of “Here With Me”, and the robotic space walk of my favorite, the ultra fresh “Monkey Jazz Space Hustle”

At times it gets a bit repetitive for me and I wish more songs had the variations of “Monkey Jazz Space Hustle” but props to Bronx native, Lex Boogie for avoiding the sterile, autotuney, futuristic sounds Hip Hop throws up today.

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