If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put Water In It

This is no slick gimmick to get you to drink more water I swear. The recent nytimes.com article “To Enhance Flavor, Just Add Water” [1] suggests adding water can enhance the flavor of beverages. Coffee brewed with more water than ground coffee could make a tastier cup of joe.

On to alcohol. Now you might be thinking what I was thinking: “What do I want with a watered down drink?” As it turns out adding water to a drink can enhance the flavor “exactly because it dilutes other ingredients and can change their balance for the better.”

Danny Brown- “Need Another Drink”


A track off the “Danny Brown – The Hybrid” mixtape, an inconsistent offering with some deliciously degenerative and enjoyable moments. If you haven’t already downloaded it grab a late pass and with the knowledge that you will either love this dude or hate him.
Download via rappersiknow.bandcamp.com

Water itself changes its flavor as its temperature changes. Think about it, ice cold water doesn’t taste like room temperature water.

Water can also enhance the aroma of a drink, which really unless you’re looking to just get falling down/ texting your long lost ex drunk, you might as well take the time to enjoy.

While eating healthy, organic foods is important, flavor counts. If hunger is the best spice basil, cinnamon and now water can round out that long list too. Eat, drink and be well friends.

Oh and the pic above was from the Nas “Nobody Was Thirsty” collaborative t-shirt campaign to benefit the work of charity: water.

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