VIDEO: Van Jones On The Shirley Sherrod Saga, BP & Social Media

Photo Credit: Reuters, Van Jones, former special advisor for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, arrives at the 41st Annual NAACP Image Awards

What eventually will happen, big picture, is that 5% of the country will have an experience like mine, lose a job because of something on Facebook or something.

And then 10%, and then it will be 15% and then it will stop because enough people will have seen it and enough people had it happen to them to too a friend that there will be a completely different level of wisdom that will emerge in society.

That’s the long-term. ~Van Jones

Also present in this Shirley Sherrod saga are echoes of what lead to the “resignation” of Van Jones, the green jobs promoter and former White House adviser after a high tech lynching from Glenn Beck and the right wing/conservative media. Recently Jones made a speech covering everything from “BP, the promise of America and how the conservative media can and will slime anyone — him, Shirley Sherrod or you.” via

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