Instant Oil Spill Over Your Blog & Manhattan

That’s right, now you can have all the same disregard for the environment (albeit virtual) that big oil does everyday! Why should they get to have all the fun?

Here’s another website I’ve found that spills oil all over you and yours in a very unsexy way.

You just type in the address of your favorite website and with the click of a button virtual crude creeps onto the screen.

It’s creators say:

Note: This doesn’t really harm other websites. We’re not complete a**holes! ;)”

That’s good to know! You can still contaminate your favorite bloggers sites and send them a screenshot of it, but you didn’t get that idea from me…

The oil is actually chocolate brown as you can see here, but I admit it was hard to see my 1 year old bouncing baby blog covered in fossil fuel but the fact is it’s still a virtual baby not a real one. People have lost their lives, livelihoods and health in the BP nightmare in the Gulf only for the public to find more than a year before oil rig exploded, Deepwater Horizon’s alarm systems were disabled. [1]

I recently did an interview with Mart Drake-Knight of eco-fashion brand Rapanui and rapper Manhattan so I threw in pics of both posts covered in oil. Neither would approve of being under an oil slick. Read both of their comments about BP’s oil spill volcano below.

An Interview With Eco-Fashion Brand Rapanui Pt 2

Rapper Manhattan Talks New Album & The Environment Pt2 < -- Free Download in Part 1

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