Ever Considered Ditching Dairy?

Photo Credit: “m e d i c a t e d” by Jesse Wright

The fact is for many of us dairy doesn’t even jive well with our systems. Many of those of African decent in this part of the world are lactose intolerant.

For the rest of us who can tolerate dairy there can still be drawbacks. According to care2.com there are 11 Reasons to Stop Eating Dairy.

Dairy consumption seems so ingrained in our culture. I have even eaten cereal 3 meals a day at times and breakfast cereal was one of the more difficult things for me about giving up dairy or reducing my dairy intake. I feel so much better now for having done it though I haven’t cut out all dairy.

As we discovered in this post, there are definitely reasons and profits to be made that dictate what is culturally acceptable breakfast food in this country.

I have switched to Almond Milk and I think it’s worth trying.

Hormones, animal rights, genetically modified foods and disease are are good reasons worth looking into at care2.com

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Have you ditched dairy? If so what was the hardest part for you? What were the benefits you found?

If not what’s stopping you from ditching dairy?

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