How You Can Help Out On The Gulf Coast

Photo credit: Getty Images PASCAGOULA, MS – JULY 1: Oil cleanup workers pick up oily globs as they remove residue washing ashore.

The folks in the pic above aren’t volunteers, but as a concerned citizen you can still help.

“The Corporation for National and Community Service is working with its network of community partners and national service resources to launch a short-and long-term effort to leverage citizen service to address the devastating economic, health and environmental impact inflicted by the oil spill.”

Sounds sketchy? Well I can’t promise you anything’s not sketchy, especially if the G-O-V is involved, but their website does say your role as a volunteer will be restricted for health and safety reasons.

The Deepwater Unified Area Command under the direction of Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen has specified that volunteers or unpaid individuals are not allowed to perform hands-on hazardous waste remediation.

Sounds like there could be a nice desk job in it for you, some paperwork or maybe something more hands on. Looks good on the old resume or college application and you’ll probably feel pretty good helping out.

Not looking to leave your area? There’s still work to be done where you live. Type your zip code in the widget below to find out what opportunities are available in your are so you can help out the Gulf Coast this summer.

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