ESPN Puts Sizzurp In The Spotlight

There’s Lean, there’s Syrup, there’s Player Potion, there’s Purple Stuff…

It’s considered by a lot of people to be normal.

If you see somebody on crack ‘What’s wrong with this guy?’

If you see someone with a cup of…Lean that’s just a player doing his thing. ~Dr. Ron Peters Associate Professor at the University of Texas School of Public Health

He’s talking about “sizzurp” a drink popular in Southern states where that drank is another name for a drink made with codine, promithazene mix and “sizzurp” which is syrup, cough syrup to be exact.

In May I wrote about a drink called “Drank” that is being billed as an “extreme relaxation” or anti Red Bull drink. Drank comes in a purple can and promises to “slow your roll”.

Drank is based on The drink “Drank” is being marketed to urban youth and that alone caused controversy. The video below deals with drank usage by Southerners, but mainy athletes.

ESPN did a story on “Purple Drank” yesterday on Outside the Lines hosted by Bob Ley saying:

Substance abuse is a constant issue in sports, but the use of one popular drug,”Purple Drank,” has remained relatively unknown.

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