BP Oil Spill May Not Be Capped Till Christmas

I know it is a frightening assessment but everyone should be prepared for a worst-case scenario, and that could mean a Christmas timeframe.

The probable outcome is much better but the technological challenges … are enormous.” ~Nansen Saleri, a Gulf drilling expert

In a guardian.co.uk article reports of the lengthy timeline added to the never ending flurry of news [1] coming from the ecocide in the Gulf.

So after our obviously well meaning uncle Tony was reportedly in a yacht race in England while re-purposed fisherman clean Gulf coast beaches with inadequate protective gear. I guess we should take this all in good humor and be patient little boys and girls so we can finally get the Christmas present we so rightfully deserve.

This song was dedicated to him at t1anddrebone.blogspot.com. Yes, it a touching and hilarious dedication to a guy who can’t seem to avert a PR nightmare, but BP’s PR isn’t my concern.

Hurricane season is coming and that will bring more and farther reaching consequences for all of us. I take issue with other drilling experts not being brought in sooner to help in this disaster. Instead I feel this was treated and still is being treated as a private disaster to be handled by a private company instead of a public disaster where all hands should be on deck and the best, most qualified minds should be brought in to advise regardless of their company affiliation for the good of the people, planet, country world- I don’t know, pick one, any one will do.

Holding BP responsible is great and all, but financial arrangements should have been made long ago. I think Obama got a bit tough a bit late on this one even though he still took some flack for it. [2]

And of course we are not guaranteed another blowout like the one that originally sunk the Deepwater Horizon won’t happen again. According to BP, which has already proven itself to be a source that’s not reputable, one of the relief wells could release a further 240,000 barrels of oil a day if there is another blowout. Uncle Tony Hayward, however, says that’s not going to happen.

Meanwhile Gulf coast little people are hoping for an early Christmas gift this year. At this point some may even be hoping the gusher would get plugged with BP executives.

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