DOWNLOAD: Murs & 9th Wonder- “Cigarettes And Liquor”

Tequila shots, lemon drops, dancing on the table tops/ You know when you’re really drunk? When you say you’re not.”

It’s been fascinating to watch the spectacle of the music industry struggling to survive its own inevitable extinction, at least in this incarnation. In the meantime the creative types have sought to change the ways in which music is released. From Radiohead to the White Stripes to Pearl Jam to Murs finally Hip Hop shakes it up a bit more.

Dude says he has so much music he’s putting out 10 albums with 10 tracks each this year. Since Nas’ Illmatic I’ve always felt the economy and potency of that album offered the ideal number of songs. As Nas has shown us though, every album can’t be Illmatic, but E for effort in trying to pull this off Murs. I can appreciate a different approach to things.

His latest release is the 10 track Fornever produced entirely by 9th Wonder. Album in stores now.

Murs & 9th Wonder- “Cigarettes and Liquor”


The first time I heard “Cigarettes and Liquor” I thought, “this is such a So Fresh And So Green song.” A rapper mentioning cirrhosis of the liver and talking about how we kill ourselves slowly was too good to pass up. For this kind of subject matter this song is pretty upbeat and looking to get you to admit we all do these things that are bad for us regardless of race. How politically correct of Murs, which almost goes against my second though which was “Did he just say gooks?” Haven’t heard that word since my days in Nam.

“Murs sits down with Ms. Drama to discuss his album, ForNever with 9th Wonder.”
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