DOWNLOAD: Apollo Brown “Hungry” feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Black Milk

I don’t cry over milk spilt/ Place my fitted on tilt/ Or keep steppin’ like a champ”

I don’t know about you but I love it when rappers talk about food, yet it seems more often then not they opt to talk about being hungry. Yeah I get it, and sure it’s been done to death of starvation but I dig the way they say the word “hungry” like “hongrey” in this song. I think that means Apollo Brown, Rapper Big Pooh and Black Milk really mean it.

I too cannot sleep when I am hungry.

“Hungry” is an Apollo Brown produced track off his recently dropped new album The Reset. With all the talk, ever so annoyingly still going on with cats like this guy beefin’ about East Coast/New York versus the South, Detroit continues to keep this music alive.

After that “Don Cornelius” I’m all about Black Milk right now anyway.

Apollo Brown “Hungry” feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Black Milk


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