Why Buy Organic Cotton?

Above is a pic from a racist cotton ad campaign you can read about at contexts.org

Recently non-profit Organic Exchange released a list of top organic cotton buyers. Nike, Walmart and European clothing retailer H&M topped the list and which I wrote about HERE.

I was surprised by European ultra trendy retailer H&M was embroiled in a green scandal earlier this year, where they were said to have been committing organic cotton fraud. They sold clothes labeled as “certified-organic cotton” when it was actually genetically modified cotton from India.

Farmers in Haiti are set to burn genetically modified seeds donated by herbicide manufacturer Monsanto so it’s understood globally that genetically modified crops are bad news.

But still some may ask why would anybody want to buy organic cotton?

“Cotton is the second most pesticide-laden crop in the world (after coffee) and number one in the United States.” ~ecouterre.com

As far as your food is concerned cottonseed oil is a common ingredient in salty snack foods like potato chips and the hulls of cottonseed are used in cow feed. Among other issues with beef and pesticides on your vegetables you need to be concerned with pesticides in your beef.

Pesticides have recently been found to be linked to ADHD in children as well as cancer. They find their way into the groundwater, much of which is drinking water in the US. Organic cotton is grown with more ethical considerations for those who grow it because pesticide exposure is eliminated when farming.

Organic cotton, or organic anything, can help to lower food costs due to the fact that bee populations won’t be wiped out, so they can pollinate away and lower the amount of work done to get produce to you.

So it’s a good look all around and worth considering.

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