Nike Top Buyer Of Organic Cotton

Emilio Rojas with Nike Boxes

Boy, Nike makes some good shoes.” ~Grandad, The Boondocks

6 out of 10 nigga moments involve shoes, 50% of them are Nikes.” ~The Boondocks

If there’s one brand the hood likes it’s Nike, so I thought it was interesting that people who may not buy organic food may be buying organic clothes.

Nike tops non-profit Organic Exchange’s list of top organic cotton buyers. Organic cotton buys overall have increased 35% from 2008 to 2009. According to Organic Exchange the market for organic cotton is driven by “consumer interest, brands and retailers expanding their organic offerings, and by companies launching new organic cotton programs.”
Here’s the top 5.

1. C&A
2. Nike, Inc.
3. Walmart/Sam’s Club
4. Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
5. H&M

Who is C&A you ask? A popular European fashion retailer.

Walmart’s “greener” changes have been known to be pushed for by it’s customers. The people have the power to push one of the world’s largest retailers, if no the largest, to make healthier, greener changes in what they offer at their stores. If you feel powerless just know your money talks for you no matter what choices you make.

Not sure what a “nigga moment” is?

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