Homeboy Sandman Releases “The Good Sun” June 1st

People are being distracted by this other stuff that’s put in front of them. There strategic censorship of good music taking place…” ~ Homeboy Sandman on NYC Hip Hop, Underground Railroad, WBAI

First time I heard this dude I found him really refreshing and he’s doing it again with his new album The Good Sun. Homeboy is getting press in the LA Times [1] and hiphopdx.com [2] lately not to mention his visit to the “heroic” WBAI on the “heroic” Underground Railroad with Jay Smooth on Sunday night. So much props to him.

Sofreshandsogreen.com favorite DJ C-Reality was on the wheels of steel with Max Jerome this time. Jay Smooth gets a nice freestyle out of Homeboy Sand and by the end he throws in some shout outs to “people without homes, people with homes” and to another So Fresh favorite, artist Marthalicia Matarrita.


Homeboy Sandman- :Yeah But I Can Rhyme Though”


Album in stores now. The Good Sun

The good folks at potholesinmyblog.com reviewed it HERE

At his website homeboysandman.com you can see Homeboy Sand in a slideshow of pictures where looks like a completely different person in each picture. He goes from Dominican to African American to Puerto Rican to Palestinian and I found that pretty interesting. Also you can get a nice preview of the album, I dig “Gun Control”.

You can watch him change a tire HERE while showing off his sense of humor and talent.

Check out Marthalicia Matarrita On Being An Artist In The Military

WBAI is in fund raising mode so feel free to donate. Homeboy Sand also gives the station a sterling endorsement as do I. Find out more about that and why this download is free HERE

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