Printing Solar Cells On Paper From DOOM’s “Papermill”

Above: An organic photovoltaic device deposited on printer paper (~120 µm thick) that was pre-coated with 100 nm thick oCVD PEDOT electrodes. After multiple foldings the device maintains its initial performance.

MIT scientists created a printing technology that prints solar cells on paper. The inkjet-style printing is still in its embryonic stage and at this point these cells are under 2% efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, but think of the possibilities.

The scientists say the process is low-cost, low-temperature, low-energy-consumption and could pave the way for solar panels so lightweight they could be installed with a staple gun or could be integrated with other materials to boost energy efficiency.

Can you imagine recycling paper then putting solar cells so thin they could be printed on it? Or solar powered planes? Why were we going crazy over oil again?

Madvillain- “Papermill”

“Papermill” is the first release from the new Madvillain album which is actually an old Madvillain album that DOOM and Madlib began recording in 2009. I don’t really care about that, I’ll take it! If you want to take it too, the single that is, you can download it via An album is allegedly on the way.


Did you know you can make paper from sheep poop? Read all about it HERE

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