Absolute Brooklyn: Spike Lee’s Limited Edition Vodka Bottle

Acclaimed Black filmmaker/director Spike Lee has teamed up with Absolute vodka to design their latest limited edition bottle. The bottle depicts a Brooklyn brownstone with the number from Lee’s childhood home in Cobble Hill along with his name.

The vodka is apple and ginger flavored. That and the fancy packaging will cost you about $30.

Spike’s bottle is part of a city editions of Absolute campaign with a charitable initiative attached. Absolute will donate $50,000 to Habitat For Humanity to help fund an affordable homes project in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Is this better or worse than selling malt liquor? Time was Ice Cube got crucified for that. I don’t know, maybe we’re all a little more grown up now so we won’t be upset by Spike’s vodka and most who remember that Ice Cube/St. Ides era are old enough to drink now. And unlike St. Ides this one has a good cause attached.

Absolute Brooklyn will be in stores soon.

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