Haitian Farmers Vow To Burn Monsanto Hybrid Seeds Pt 2

Photo Credit: Monsanto

On June 4th Haitian farmers will burn genetically modified seeds donated by Monsanto. Find out why in Part 1 of this piece HERE.

According to truthout.org [4] hybrid corn seeds have been donated by Monsanto to Haiti that were treated with the fungicide Maxim XO and the calypso tomato seeds were treated with Thiram, a chemical so highly toxic agricultural workers must wear protective clothing when handling plants treated with it.

The Environmental Protection Agency ruled Thiram pesticides must contain a special warning label and Thiram is barred from being marketed to home gardeners due to the need for adequate protective clothing that the agency assumed home gardeners would not have.

According to this official Monsanto photo below they have donated Seminis seeds, one of their vegetable seeds divisions.

Haitian social movements are right to be concerned about imported food. If the nation is to survive its people need to be able to feed themselves. Environmentalists promote the idea of producing and consuming food locally, but the same concept should apply to nations. It’s called food sovereignty. Often these ideas for those who talk about going green are not discussed in this global context but in terms of some “first world” consumer choosing to buy from their local farmers market.

Food sovereignty is a real battle in many nations like Cambodia, Bangladesh and India.

It involves taking food away from the dynamics of market forces so we all don’t have to eat the same, cheapest rice. If we did that it would erode the amount of biodiversity in the plants that become foods we eat and in the people who eat those foods. Cultural differences would be worn down and distinct cultures would sink into a sameness the world-over.

‘People in the US need to help us produce, not give us food and seeds. They’re ruining our chance to support ourselves,’ said farmer Jonas Deronzil of a peasant cooperative in the rural region of Verrettes.”

Vía Campesina, the world’s largest confederation of farmers in 60 countries, The Center for Food Safety, The Organic Consumers Association and The Centre for Biological Diversity have mounted an opposition to Monsanto, that goes as far as supporting farmers in litigation with the herbicide giant all the way to the Supreme Court.

It’s important to be informed about what is happening in our world otherwise we would have no idea what to change and why. I think being informed is one of our first steps towards taking action for change.

You can learn more and support any of these organizations by clicking on their links below

Sign the Stop Monsanto’s Poisoned Present, Support Haitian Food Security petition at The Organic Consumers Association website HERE

Vía Campesina
The Center for Food Safety
The Centre for Biological Diversity

We have the potential to make our lands produce enough to feed the whole population and even to export certain products. The policy we need for this to happen is food sovereignty, where the county has a right to define it own agricultural policies, to grow first for the family and then for local market, to grow healthy food in a way which respects the environment and Mother Earth.”


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