Gang Starr Has Got To Be The Sure Shot: Nice N Smooth Tribute At Fresh Fest

Here’s the Nice N Smooth tribute to Gang Starr at Fresh Fest 2010 aka the Old School Hip Hop Tour. This was filmed at the May 15th show in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Acts included MC Lyte, Big Daddy Kane, EPMD, Slick Rick and others. Nice to know Guru’s contribution to Hip Hop was not forgotten and Kid N Play can still do the Kid N Play dance. I wonder if a new school rapper died if other rappers would memorialize them the in a similar fashion if at all?

In the video you will see that yes, Smooth B has gained weight, so don’t be alarmed. Dude couldn’t stay the same forever. Same voice though.

Interested in seeing the geezers get it on onstage again? For show tickets in August visit:

In other news I still hate the phrase “Old School Hip Hop”. Video below the jump

More footage and details about the show at

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