Jersey Rapper Joe Buddens Plays Kickball With Ester Baxter

Isn’t smoking pretty much the anti kickball activity?

In this video (courtesy of dafamcam) New Jersey’s own Joe Buddens plays kickball with video vixen/rumored girlfriend Ester Baxter in tight clothes and a bunch of dudes. Hey Joe, you call those shorts?

This video comes complete with asinine athlete post interview at the end.

Background music provided by Joe of course.

With Southern rapper 8ball getting slimmed down and Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest getting a new kidney, hopefully rappers getting active and healthy will be the new rappers getting shot or rappers going to prison. Video below the jump.

Years ago I used to be a kickball champ. I can tell you lower body strength is the old new cool thing to have. Looks like they had fun. Getting active doesn’t need to mean getting an expensive gym membership or waiting till you go to prison to workout. Take it back to grade school with some kickball. Look into it.

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