Is Your State The Greenest In The U.S.?

Greenopia recently released a list ranking the greenest states in the U.S. Topping the list is Washington. Surprise, surprise they’ve been pretty green over there for a long time. Who’s at the bottom of the list? Louisiana.

New York ranks pretty high, maybe it’s all of that mass transit? The criteria green business directory, green rating and green ranking organization Greenopia used was, according to

States were evaluated based on their per capita greenhouse gas emissions, per capita energy and water consumption, air and water quality, recycling rate, renewable energy generation, number of LEED certified buildings, number of green businesses and how progressive their legislatures have been on adopting green measures.

They used data from the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Energy Information Administration, U.S. Geological Survey, American Lung Association and U.S. Green Building Council.

Check out the full list below the jump.

1. Washington
2. Vermont
3. New York
4. Oregon
5. California
6. Nevada
7. Maine
8. Colorado
9. Minnesota
10. New Hampshire
11. Massachusetts
12. Maryland
13. Arizona
14. South Dakota
15. Hawaii
16. Florida
17. Pennsylvania
18. Illinois
19. Connecticut
20. Georgia
21. Virgina
22. Rhode Island
23. North Carolina
24. Michigan
25. Missouri
26. Iowa
27. Tennessee
28. Wisconsin
29. Arkansas
30. New Jersey
31. Idaho
32. South Carolina
33. Nebraska
34. Oklahoma
35. Ohio
36. Texas
37. Utah
38. New Mexico
39. Kentucky
40. Kansas
41. Mississippi
42. Montana
43. Alaska
44. Alabama
45. Indiana
46. Delaware
47. Wyoming
48. North Dakota
49. West Virginia
50. Louisiana

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