Some Thoughts On Pesticides, ADHD and BP’s Oil Spill

Here’s my hypothesis: BP’s oil spill will lead to rising ADHD cases in children.

BP’s April 20th massive oil spill is an environmental disaster with effects reaching much farther out than just the Gulf region. With wildlife refuges and major bird migration stopovers in the way of the oil spill the destruction of their habitats will have ramifications for many of us.

Birds eat insects.

With the destruction of bird habitats and birds bird populations can fall.

There may be increasing insect populations.

Increasing insect populations will likely lead to increased usage of pesticides.

A recent study found a link between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and pesticide exposure in children. Children’s systems are more vulnerable to pesticides than adults but certainly adults are affected by pesticide exposure as well.

More birth defects, cancer and ADHD are on the way and that will effect those far from the Gulf coast area too.

Sadly, the sea life off the Gulf coast is already suffering as are the fisherman and shrimpers who make their living off of local marine life.

I’m not sure what to say from here. I hope people will come to understand our interconnectedness with animals, plants, the land and each other…

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