Why Aren’t We Eating Chicken For Breakfast?

Photo Credit: Hardees Chicken Fillet Breakfast

One of my readers sent me an email with a link to a post called “Why Don’t We Eat Chicken for Breakfast?” You may not want KFC’s Double Down Sandwich for breakfast but I thought it was a good question. So why don’t we eat chicken for breakfast?

The post didn’t answer the question, although there is a nifty infographic there, so I will attempt to.

It’s true, in our culture we more readily eat a pig, a cow and even chicken eggs, but not chicken for breakfast. Turkey bacon seems acceptable but not chicken bacon? Chicken sausage is made to taste more like beef or pork sausage so maybe it doesn’t count. In the South people sometimes eat chicken for breakfast but it’s not as common as bacon or some other type of sausage.

In my readings I have found in the early days of this republic eating pigeons was actually rather common. Their babies, called squabs, were considered to be a delicacy. We think of them as “rats with wings” these days so it’s probably unthinkable to most today.

When food production became industrialized the industry/farmers sought to raise animals that were good for production. Chickens are born and pretty much hit the ground running. They can lay hundreds of eggs a year and don’t require much besides housing.

So there’s some sense of why we eat chicken so much as opposed to another animal. So perhaps the reason why we don’t eat chicken for breakfast is because it’s not unthinkable to eat it for every other meal.

That is until McDonald’s came along. Here’s their commercial for their Chicken Breakfast sandwich.

McDonalds “Chicken for Breakfast” Commercial Olympics 2008

Yet another opportunity to make more money with marketing for the same product that’s sold at other times of the day.

I know in the US our agrarian roots are what led to what we consider breakfast and even our portion sizes for breakfast. Foods with carbohydrates and protein were favored to provide energy for the day’s work on the farm or elsewhere. The introduction of a food like cereal was largely due to marketing by people like J.H. Kellogg, W.K. Kellogg and C.W. Post and their cereal companies.

So maybe chicken was never marketed as breakfast food and that’s what’s stopping more of us from considering it a breakfast food.

In writing this post it is pretty amazing to read here and in my research the role marketing and the food industry play in our food choices and our culture.

If you’re interested here are some Breakfast Chicken Recipes from allrecipes.com

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Are you anti chicken for breakfast? Have you ever had chicken for breakfast? What do you like for breakfast that isn’t a common US breakfast food?

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