Ad Calls Out Obama For Lifting Offshore Drilling Ban

Fresh off the success of their recent protest on Wall Street and some well funded campaigns, has released this video regarding the President Obama’s response to the Gulf oil spill. Off shore oil drilling is still on the table for the president but in this powerpoint styled video that picture of the dead fish really got me. That’s really where we are with this.

In the meantime is still sending me emails. One quote from their last, rather lengthy one:

Dreaming of a clean energy future? Dream on. Thanks to the energy companies, legislation being debated in the Senate right now would actually expand nukes, offshore drilling, and coal…

How ’bout closing the widening gap between the rich and the poor?

How ’bout investing enough in education so every child gets a decent education and every family can afford college?

How ’bout making workplaces really work for people with families, including paid sick leave and parental leave?…

That has to change. So, after consulting with thousands of MoveOn members, we’ve made a decision: to launch a massive campaign to fix our democracy and put We the People back in charge.” -–Justin Ruben of and the rest of the team

Well, at least progressives and the left is bothering to attempt to mobilize instead of falling back in the face of the organized machine that is the right. So often informed, well meaning progressives have done little more than makes speeches or jokes while awful things have happened in recent years.

Organizing is good. I think the kids need to see it instead of wishing they were alive in the 1960s when it seemed like things were actually happening.

Video description: This week’s oil spill is a major wake up call. Offshore oil drilling is not the solution to our energy problems. President Obama can prevent new exploration and future disasters like this one by reinstating the moratorium on offshore drilling today.

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