Top 5 Questions You May Have About Organic Food

With all this talk about organic flying everywhere I think it’s important to know a few things.

What is organic? Is that even real?

I jacked this from the USDA website itself to get their definition since they’re the ones that make the labels. Do You Believe In Organic Food?

What do organic labels mean?
Here’s their definition of the different organic labels and what they mean. Organic Label Guide

Why should you consider eating organic foods?
At you can discover 15 Reasons to Eat Organic Food

What does not have to be bought organic and why?

Visit to read Produce You Do NOT Have to Buy Organic . This could save you a lot of money if you go or have gone the organic route.

What should be bought organic and why?

The good folks at have also compiled a list of 7 Foods You Must Eat Organic you might want to check out.

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