Solar Powered Plane Takes Flight

The goal is to fly day and night with no fuel. The goal is to demonstrate the importance of renewable energies, to show that with renewable energies we can achieve impossible things.” Bertrand Piccard, solar plane project leader

Based on recent events regarding the late Guru, voice of the legendary Hip Hop group Gang Starr, some folks on twitter seem to be confused. Guru’s former creative partner and apparent all around shady character MC Solar has spawned trending phrases like #f*cksolar or even word of this new website that were confusing to some not familiar with the story of Guru’s tragic passing.

This animosity is totally separate from people’s feelings about solar energy. And for good reason. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source. Solar energy gets to add fueling a plane around the world to its resume in 2012. For now the 90 minute test flight of The Solar Impulse propeller plane in Switzerland was a success.

How fast can it go? No faster than 28 mph.
Wingspan: 61 meters (200 feet) as wide as a 747 jumbo jet
Number of solar cells: 12,000
In case you were wondering the surplus energy from its solar cells is saved in high-performance batteries.

A night flight is scheduled before July with a second model to be developed off of those test results.

Bertrand Piccard (R), pilot and president of Solar Impulse and Andre Borschberg (L), CEO and pilot of the company, congratulate German test pilot Markus Scherdel

Solar energy does not have enough ‘energy density’ to power regular airplanes that are supposed to fly somewhere in a reasonably short time,” said Hans Weber, president of San Diego-based aviation consulting firm TECOP International, Inc.



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