Food Network Welcomes Hipper, Younger Brother: The Cooking Channel

“The feel and style we’re going for is a little grittier, a little edgier, a little hipper,” said Bruce Seidel, the senior vice president for programming and production for the Cooking Channel.

It seems like TLC, The Travel Channel’s action packed food lineup and ABC’s “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is putting a hurting on the more bland programming of Food Network. The execs got the message and are looking to switch it up a bit on a whole new channel.

The Cooking Channel is targeting the younger, hipster hipper crowd and maybe even the more eco-conscious viewer with younger cooks and fresher programming. I know what you’re thinking, people who cook that are even younger than Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay? Is that even possible? Well it is and apparently Food Network has finally figured that out. Yes, there is always Ace Of Cakes but they’re not enough.

Seems like there will still be no serious discussion about food on this network though and we will have to leave that to Michael Pollan who has had some words about the Food Network in the past. The new network is, however, considering featuring programs that feature killing chickens on air which I guess the Supreme Court would think is ok.

Also they are considering programming on eating disorders and obesity. Can you imagine a food network doing a show on people who throw up food? We’ve come a long way from Julia Childs and Jaques Pepin whom I used to watch on PBS.

I still watch Jaques Pepin, who at one time called Food Network out for never discussing where food comes from, not just exposing the many ills of the food industry but for not even discussing concepts like eating seasonal foods. The nytimes article on the network rightly points out PBS’ food programming was way better than the Food Network’s.

The Cooking Channel promises fresh new faces, even Black and Brown ones, according to the pic in the nytimes article anyway. Many will be from Canada, I guess because Canadians are known for their cuisine?

Hmmm… yeah, I’m thinking they just found some more hipsters in Canada like the 3 dudes they found for a Food Network Canada show called “Food Jammers”. I’m not mad at “Food Jammers” at all though.

The stars of “Food Jammers”, Micah Donovan, Chris Martin [not Jay-Z’s friend], and Nobu Adilman, have built taco vending machines and made a leather jacket out of fruit. You can watch the jacket clip below.

Does this sound like a network you would watch? Did they get it wrong with all the Canadians? Should they have included more persons of color? How did you feel about the clip above?

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