Israeli iPads Are A Go, But Are They Green?

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Israel had begun letting Apple’s iPads into the country starting Sunday. For 2 weeks their customs wasn’t allowing them into the country based on fears the iPad would interfere with other wireless devices.

20 confiscated iPads will finally be released. Most of us will be waiting a lot longer for our iPads than those getting their confiscated iPads back. After weeks of intentional infliction of iPad envy on others by people like the extra infatuated PBS host Charlie Rose many hoped iPad news would die down…and maybe hoped the prices would drop.

Now that Charlie Rose and his iPad have finally gotten a room and other new owners of the device are satisfied with their new toys, Apple has reported sales that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations.

Apple is credited with making a new category of electronic device, something between a smartphone and a laptop. Really it’s a third device for one to buy, which isn’t very green at all.

The pros and cons can be weighed all day on this one because also the iPad presents opportunities for print media to survive with some type of subscriptions model. I suppose this would save trees. However if an iPad isn’t disposed of correctly it’s really bad for the environment. That is, unless Apple finally perfected the technology to preorder the new iPad and self destruct the old one in time for a new generation release.

The fact is Apple makes sexy products that are well designed and I am longtime a supporter. Even in my readings in The Source magazine’s green issue there were ads for the iPad, that teens probably made, and iPad accessories that probably you don’t need. More stuff and stuff isn’t good for the environment.

What’s amazing to me is the stuff that’s going on around us while we’re busy looking down at the stuff we bought and neglecting the stuff that we could be doing differently in our communities right now.

Here’s a few links from around the net on not the sexiness, the coolness, the potential of or the desire for an iPad, but how green it is.

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