Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Grows

The lesson for Florida’s legislative leaders is that it’s not a matter of ‘whether’ there will be another accident or spill but ‘when,’ …

If Tuesday’s oil rig accident happened in the same exact manner, within 3 to 10 miles of our coast, it’s very likely that we’d have pictures of oil soaked coastlines splashed on front pages and televisions across the country.” ~Mark Ferrulo of Progress Florida

An oil spill caused by an explosion of the off shore drilling rig Deepwater Horizon last week off the coast of Louisiana has grown to cover 1,900 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico. Rig operator BP and the coast guard are struggling to contain the spill which is expected to reach the Gulf Coast shoreline, probably in a matter of days.

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation. Eleven workers out of the 126 on board are presumed dead.

Before this spill Florida governor Charlie Crist was a supporter of oil drilling off the shore of Florida. The oil tanker is spilling 42,000 gallons a day which is less than the amount the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska leaked but many who are looking at this incident are getting turned off to the fossil fuel.

Even submarine robots have failed to contain the leak. Other options could take much longer, 3 months longer. That’s a long time to have oil in the gulf effecting Mississippi, Louisiana and eventually Florida if the oil gets caught in the gulf’s loop current.

Visions of oil soaked beaches presumably has made Governor Crist rethink off shore drilling in Florida, however, President Barack Obama is still pursuing oil drilling off the coast of the Atlantic seaboard.

Unfortunately for the resident and the rest of us stubbornness is not a virtue. The people wanted a thoughtful leader who said he would consider and reconsider his options when making important decisions when necessary. Where Florida’s governor got it right our president has gotten it wrong.

Src: Crist calls oil spill a reason to rethink drilling


  1. Dennis Blonski

    What is being done to get this oil cleaned up, and the well isolated. I run a plant in Alberta, Canada. I have no offshore rig experience, but I am wondering if shipping lanes affected by the spill, and other rigs affected in the area, could be moved or rerouted, and the oil slick could be burned before it hit the coast lines. It will burn even on top of water. I feel sorry for all the people and animals that will be affected by this, if they do not burn it off.

  2. Madam Toussaint

    The clean up will now involve a controlled burn to contain the spill. Chemicals were used at one point to break up the oil but more needed to be done. I’ll follow up this story in a few days. Thanks for your comment Dennis.

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