RIP Guru: Founder of Gang Starr Dies At 43

UPDATE: DJPremierBlog posted this on Twitter:
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43 year old rapper Guru died Monday of cancer related complications. The rap legend recently suffered a cardiac arrest in February then slipped into a coma.

Gang Starr was formed in 1985 with Guru and DJ Premier. The two went on to make Hip Hop history with songs like “Words I Manifest” and one of my more recent favorites “Dwyck”.

I grew up listening to these guys and this is a sad day for me and other true Hip Hop fans, particularly based on the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to Gang Starr has a falling out, which we all knew about. I guess the falling out was so bad Guru, born Keith Elam, allegedly, specifically left word he didn’t want DJ Premier “to be able to participate in any tributes or events surrounding his death.”

That letter is painful to read as a fan but if you’d like to you can at

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