Rapper 8Ball To Become Pool Cue Thin

I been doing a change in the way I eat, I got youngin’s.

I’m getting older everyday, so I just changed the way I eat man…

I ain’t trying to get heroin chic, but I want to be healthy.

Walking, walking dogs, tread mills.

I do yoga if you believe that. It helps me.

We be doing a lot of stuff to give you more energy.” ~8Ball as told to AllHipHop.com

The southern rapper and half of the duo 8Ball & MJG says he “lost a little bit already by cutting out bread, soda, beef and pork from his diet. 8Ball says his goal was to increase his productivity which makes sense cause he and MJG are preparing to release Ten Toes Down on T.I.’s Grand Hustle.

Lots of rappers have made a name for themselves because they were overweight. The Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun and Buffy of That Fat Boys didn’t live long enough for us to see examples of sustained weight loss from them. In his younger days 8Ball used to be called “the fat mack”. Well, what else was he supposed to do?

Overweight rappers aren’t going to get on songs rhyming about eating their feelings or wanting to lose weight so instead they sell it. Sometimes I wonder they go to far with that. Next thing you know we’re all complacent and spreading.

I’m not saying rappers need to be everybody’s role models for weight loss and everything else but they reflect the community. For all their success they still die of what the Black and Latino community die of at large. So it’s cool to see a rapper reflect some of the other things, healthier things people in the community are also doing.

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Src: Rapper 8Ball Vows To Lose Weight

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