Pork Free Solar Panels

I had a conversation online with a charming and mysterious young man a few months ago named “blendednotmashed”. He claimed he’s an avid reader of this site. He also admitted he was a pork eater.

That’s fine with me, really it is, but our conversation took a different turn when he asked me this question:

“So what kind of solar panels do you have on your house?”

I told him I had the kind that wasn’t made with pork.

Ed Begley Jr & Mrs Begley

Snarky subtext aside, his point still stands. I run this site and people expect me to chastise them for eating something that had a face or for not living by candlelight. For the record I’m not Ed Bagley Jr and I do not have so fresh solar panels on my house.

I guess you could say I live in the hood and while a $7 electricity bill would be nice before I would get solar panels I’d get this here roof fixed. So no, I don’t live in “The DoChoDo Zoological Island” rendered above.

I got the gist of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “Power Of Intention” and was careful to start this site with a certain intention. That intention was for this site to be a crossroads for ideas and information. To help the young and the urban learn more about the environment through Hip Hop, art, ideas and information.

I’ve been working hard and fighting hard for this site since well before my first post. I can tell you for me it’s been years of being told:

“Organic is imaginary.”

“Going green is for white people.”

“Why don’t you just write about your life not the environment?”

“Hip Hop has nothing to do with the environment.”

“Environmentalism is about white people forcing population control on Black people and everyone else who isn’t white. Stop pushing the white man’s agenda.”

and my favorite “Who the fuck is gonna read that?”

So let it be known what my intention is NOT. This site was NOT intended to:

Make you feel bad about eating pork.

To promote horrendous rap music or push Hip Hop gossip around on the internets while completely abandoning spell check and syntax.

To let you know how “green” I am and hold that over your head.

To encourage you to let others know how “green” you are so you can hold it over their heads.

To encourage trying to pull someone card in casual conversation when it comes to being green.

I hope you take this post and this site in the spirit it’s intended to be taken in. And thank you for reading So Fresh And So Green 😀

With love,

Madam Toussaint


  1. RV Solar Panels

    Eating organic and going green are very nice goals indeed. There is a bit of truth in “population control” thing, because as you know they are trying to implement a carbon tax across the globe now, as we don’t already have enough taxes to pay (tax for rainwater for example!)

  2. waterproof mp3

    More than half of the world are starving and I really hard to justify being picky about food especially if its edible and fresh. Yeah, organic food are great but food is food and eating healthy is the most important thing.

  3. Arnoldo Whippie

    I agree, but we all need to realize that adding Solar in their house is an purchase which will increase the future value of their residence if / when they come to a decision to sell. With the environment the way it is going we are unable to underestimate any item that supplies no cost power at no cost to both the client and more notably the environment!

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