My Top 5 Ways For Getting More Fruit In My Daily Diet

This post was inspired by 10 easy ways to get more fruit in your diet everyday at, several trips to Whole Foods and pounds of expensive, spoiled fruit.

Savvy Brown has a whole 10 on her list, I know that for a fact cause I read more than just the title! I thought about it on my trip to the supermarket today and I realized I should share what I went through in finding a way for me to realistically get some fruit in my daily diet.

These are the 3 things that I have had to do before a packaged food eater like I was could even get started on Savvy Brown’s list. If you’re anything like me you’ll need this extra basic beginner’s list first too.

Go Where The Fruit Is

The fruit is not next to the Entenmann’s all butter loaf pound cake at the supermarket. Step away from the cereal aisle, drop the chips and back away slowly. Fruit and vegetables tend to be on the outside isles of the supermarket.

Spend Time in the Fruits And Vegetables Section

I’ve taken to loitering in the fruits and veggies section. I try to go there first, load my basket up there and not leave until I know I got some good stuff I like. I think we all had fruits and veggies as kids that we hated but there were some you liked weren’t there? I try to spend the bulk of my time in this section and minimize time spent elsewhere. If something’s on sale that you’ve never tried before consider buying some.

Buy Fruit.

Sounds like a no brainer I know, but you are probably not going to eat it if you don’t buy it. Sure you might get some nicely chopped up free fruit in at that big office meeting on Monday before the bosses get in but who are we kidding? You’re probably headed straight for the bagels and danishes.

Wash The Fruit

This one was a tough one for me actually. I’d buy the fruit and not wash it all right away. Instead I’d wash it as I was selecting it to eat cause after I bought it I’d hurry off to cross the next thing off my to-do-list. Not a big deal if you’ve got only 2 apples, but if you have bananas, apples, grapes and peaches and you’re running late for work the last thing you want to do is stop to wash stuff. I’d just leave it until I had more time and grab something prepackaged instead.

Wash them when you get home. Savvy Brown has even thought of that part for you too so here’s a link to some of her 5 Cheap Fruit and Veggie Wash Ideas

Eat the Fruit

Again, sounds so logical it’s stupid, but I’ve found a nice bowl presentation and easy access on a kitchen table made it more likely for me to eat fruit. Get rid of the junk mail and the census forms you didn’t fill out yet. Make room for food. That makes fruit just as available as the fake cereal bars with the corn syrup fruit paste in them.

Then the trick becomes knowing when to eat the fruit. I don’t have a ripeness tutorial for you here. I mean to share the idea that you can switch out certain foods or sometimes foods for fruit. As the saying goes if you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple you’re not hungry. Before you are hungry you can make it easier to make a better choice, like an apple.

Now that you’ve mastered that you can tackle Savvy Brown’s list 10 easy ways to get more fruit in your diet everyday She’s even got some you may already be doing!


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