Kid Cudi And vitaminwater Cure the Common Cold

Kid Cudi has teamed up with vitaminwater to sell you a dream. The dream is that vitaminwater is actually healthy, so healthy it could help you beat the common cold, for which there is no cure as far as I know.

Also girls will not you more, not just cause you’re not sick but because they won’t have to take care of you while you’re sick. Way to be self sufficient guys.

The campaign is called “Strong Man” and no I didn’t make that up. The commercial features the music of Kid Cudi and I admit I was a bit disappointed that Cudi wasn’t in the commercial holding a bottle of colored water and trying to break dance without spilling it.

Instead there’s a guy with a pillow for a head that is presumably not Kid Cudi.

New vitaminwater 2010 Ad Campaign – Strong Man

I guess we have McDonalds to go to for obviously lame food product commercials incorporating Hip Hop. I’m still trying to figure out what cheeseburgers have to do with popping and locking.

Here’s a video of Kid Cudi getting kissed on stage by a dude. Some called him gay for not beating that guy to a bloody pulp with his mic. I think Kid Cudi’s slow reaction time can be blamed on him drinking a lot of something other than Vitamin Water that night. rightfully pointed out the conspicuous absence of former major vitaminwater stockholder 50 Cent in the rap + vitaminwater ad campaign. Perhaps Hip Hop’s ageism has reared its ugly head again. Or maybe all on his own 50 isn’t poppin anymore.

Check out this piece friend to the blog Josh Goldstein did for the vitaminwater headquarters HERE.

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