An Interview With Haitian Singer Alan Cave’s Charity We Care-Haiti Pt1

Haiti your brothers and sisters all over the world are watching and we helping.” ~Alan Cave

After the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January many of us were moved by the stories of dramatic rescues from crushed buildings weeks later and the sorrowful plights of a nation’s orphans. A worldwide outpouring of charitable donations to support the relief efforts followed.

It’s been several weeks since then and many Haitian people are still in need. I recently spoke with Myrtho Cave, the president of We Care-Haiti sponsored by ACMEF and the wife of Alan Cave, the lead singer of the Haitian band ZIN, one of the most popular Haitian Konpa music bands. We discussed their foundation’s role in the sustained effort to help the still recovering nation.

The Cave’s were both born in the US and both are of Haitian descent with family still in Haiti. Her family has survived the worst of the devastation, only sustaining some property damage. Her husband, however, was not as fortunate. “Alan lost two aunts in the earthquake,” she said, “but, his other family members are doing fine.”

Despite their distress in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake the couple was moved to take action. They had a preexisting, active non-profit corporation called Alan Cave Music Education Fund or ACMEF that was founded in 2003. The 501(c) non-profit was formed to assist academically gifted students pursuing higher education in the music field.

Photo Credit: Project Medishare

Since they didn’t have a charity in Haiti already set up before the quake, the couple decided to pull their efforts from ACMEF. We Care-Haiti sponsored by ACMEF was founded in matter of days after the earthquake. The new foundation’s mission: “To assist in Haiti’s relief and long-term recovery efforts.”

Myrtho Cave understands the scrutiny non profits for Haiti are under, especially after questions were raised about singer Wyclef Jean’s foundation Yele Haiti. “People want to be certain that their donations are being used properly,”she explained. “Transparency is necessary in all organizations.”

Photo Credit: Project Medishare

She dismissed the controversy, however, as a distraction from what she sees as the central issue. “Everyone’s goal should JUST be to help Haiti, there is no time to lose direction or focus.”

So when it comes to We Care-Haiti’s transparency Mrs. Cave shed some light on where its own donation money goes in the second part of this interview HERE.


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