Sex With Nurses Still Not Part Of Health Care Debate

Sure it’s an absurd title and sex as part of health car is an even more more absurd proposition to a Dutch nurses union.

Nurses union NU’91 has launched a campaign to make it clear they feel sexual services should not be included as part of their job responsibilities following an incident involving a 24-year-old woman and a 42-year-old disabled man.

According to their website

“A 24-year-old college student got a v-PGB-customer demand to satisfy him sexually… The startled student reported her experience with the police, the agency and NU’91.”

The campaign is called “Here I draw my line!” and features this image of a nurse with hands crossed in front of her face.

The union says the woman witnessed his other nurses offering him sexual gratification and he tried to dismiss her on the grounds she was unfit to be a caregiver.

For all the issues being debated in US health care reform I guess we should be thankful this isn’t one of them. Happy Women’s History Month!



  1. brownhornet

    A homeless man is brought into the emergency room, he’s laying bed and he’s on his last legs. A prostitute hears his coughing and feels sorry for him. She pulls back the curtain surrounding his bed and says “I am here to offer you super-sex”! The homeless man thinks about it for a second and replies “I’ll just take the soup”!

  2. brownhornet

    Lol always MT no problem but on a serious point NO I don’t think a patient has any right demanding sex from a nurse. That’s not what she or he is there for.

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