Rappers Nas and Jim Jones Go Back To School For Different Reasons

Amazing! News of 2 rappers going back to school in the same week.

First up, Queensbridge emcee Nas had this to say at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s annual National Keystone Conference.

The reality of it is, you need to keep educating yourself, and I wish I had stayed in school.” ~Nas

He now intends to get his high school diploma and encourage others to do the same. With 19 years in the game, nine LPs, four #1 albums and the respect of most in Hip Hop for being one of the best that ever did it, Nas still wants a diploma. Hopefully his ex wife won’t try to take half of it.

A guy as smart as him could probably strut into Good Enough Diploma class, just take the test and pass…as long as he’s not high and there’s now oral presentation involved that doesn’t permit him to rhyme. Sorry Nas…

He also teamed up with Joss Stone. Listen to their collabo HERE

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Nas’ upcoming release with Bob Marley’s son and reggae artist in his own right Damian Marley, is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2010.

It’s definitely going to be fun. I [will] have to go home the weekend before and write out my lessons. This will be the funnest class you can go to and shit but you gonna learn a lot.” ~Jim Jones

I know what you’re thinking: “funnest” is not a word. Well, you know what he’s saying anyway. And he’s not looking to be an English teacher you grammar cops. Later on this year, Harlem rapper Jim Jones is plans to teach music at a New York City high school.

Don’t freestyle this one, Jim. Kids are impressionable.

Right now they’re actually going back and forth with the Board of Education to see what goes on and shit. I fully don’t know the whole logistics of everything.” ~Jim Jones

Yeah the Board of Ed is its own problem as usual.

Visit hiphopdx.com to find out why Jim Jones thinks he’ll be such a good candidate for teaching in New York City public schools.

Check out Jones in action below rapping about some of his favorite nouns.

Joell Ortiz ft Jim Jones – Nissan, Honda, Chevy

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