FREE DOWNLOAD: “On The Run” by Gangstagrass Theme Song From Justified on FX

If you’re like me you’ve seen the commercials and wondered “What is the theme song from the FX show Justified?

FX’s new drama Justified is being billed as the ultimate “modern day western” and features the song “On The Run” by Gangstagrass. Hard to get it out of your head I know.

Who are these guys anyway and where do they get off making infectious music like this? Gangstagrass is producer Rench featuring the rapper T.O.N.E-Z. Gangstagrass mashes up Hip Hop and bluegrass.

This song has been floating around for a while but the Justified trailer has generated a lot of interest in it. Download below the jump.

>>>DOWNLOAD “On The Run” HERE< <<

>>>DOWNLOAD “Long Hard Times To Come” HERE< <<


Who is Rench?

Rench Click to enlarge

A Brooklyn-based producer, singer and songwriter.
According to his bio he’s got roots in honky-tonk, hip-hop, and trip-hop music.

With the help of very talented friends he records and releases music because he enjoys it. He likes sad songs and pedal steel guitar. He likes drum samples and scratches. He likes playing live sets at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn.”

Here’s Rench’s website and an interview with him at

Who is T.O.N.E-Z?

T.O.N.E-Z click to enlarge

According to his bio back in the day he used to go by the name Style and he comes form a famous family in Hip Hop:

[T.O.N.E-Z is] The brother of both Special K formerly of the Treacherous Three and T La Rock, both hip-hop legends in their own right.”

He’s been putting out mixtapes and you can check out the rest of his work at

Their facebook page says Gangstagrass is currently in the studio working on a new album “Mostly tracks with #T.O.N.E-Z and . . . . LIVE BLUEGRASS MUSICIANS”

You can pre order the new Gangstagrass album to be released April 2010 on their website

A new Gangstagrass album will be released on May 3rd, 2010. You can pre-order it now at!

Apparently a whole Gangstagrass album was available online for free download too but we’ve missed it. According to their Facebook page

Took the old album off tonight. It is no longer available. Which makes you infinitely cool for having it. If someone wants it, they have to get a copy from you.”

Awesome. I guess it’s time to make friends…

Justified premieres 3/16 at 10PM on FX. Here’s the trailer.

Justified on FX – Overall

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