Could 9/11 Provide Green Jobs and Help The Economy?

Photo Credit: AP Photo

Laborers looking to help rebuild the World Trade Center are rallying to urge the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which controls the property, to make some progress in the rebuilding efforts.

New York City ‘s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been critical of developer Larry Silverstein and accused him of obstructing rebuilding efforts. Construction is already underway at the site on two skyscrapers, a transit hub and a World Trade Center memorial, however the construction of other towers has been held up by financing disagreements between the Port Authority and Silverstein.

It already a disgrace that construction on that site has taken so long, but it’s even more irritating to me that the jobless rate is still holding steady and there are workers with work to be done that can’t work. This project could generate thousands of jobs. New York State could use some action, we’re already closing parks all over the state on April 1st.

Here’s construction that is supposed to happen where new buildings have to be built, not just retrofitted, hopefully in an environmentally friendly way that can’t get built. Get it together guys, we’ve been staring at a hole for years now.


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