Photo Credit: “Cylone Nathan’s Wonder Wheel Astroland” by Josh Goldstein

Today is the birthday of artist and bodega enthusiast Josh Goldstein. Josh has been doing some big things lately including participating in a huge Times Square ad for Target, museum exhibitions with fellow artist Gigi Bio and some new online treats at etsy.com.bodegaNYC.

You can get you very own Chinese Menu & Coney Island Art by Josh Goldstein. In my opinion this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some art from a real artist at a nice price like the Coney Island Collage – Cylone Nathan’s Wonder Wheel Astroland pictured above.

Details: The collage above features five iconic Coney Island signs – The Cyclone roller coaster sign, Nathan’s Famous, Astroland Park, the Wonder Wheel, and a boardwalk Italian Sausage sign. Mouthwatering fun!

And there are more works to choose from so feel free to check out the goods. Sofreshandsogreen.com wishes a happy birthday to a great guy and a dope artist. Shout out to the fam too!


You can always find his work and what he’s up to now at his website bodeganyc.com

For those that don’t know what a bodega is it’s a New York City corner store. Find out what is so inspirational about them to Goldstein in my interview him HERE and check out the rest of his work.

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