Van Jones To Receive NAACP Image Award And More Right Wing Attacks

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Van Jones is an American treasure…Van’s vision, in short, is a vision for America restored to its place as the definitive world economic leader. ~Benjamin Todd Jealous”

This Friday the NAACP is holding their 41st Image Awards. Slated to receive the President’s Award from NAACP from its president and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous is The Great Van Jones. That’s him in the pic above caressing a solar panel.

It seems there is no better move for this organization to make than to support the green jobs promoter who is still under attack by right wingers and Fox News.

Firstly, this actually gives the NAACP a stab at being relevant and current. Maybe now they can see the rewards in concerning themselves with more than just burying the n-word and being late on going green.

Secondly this is more like what the NAACP Image Awards were meant for.

Conceived by Sammy Davis Jr. in 1962, the Image Awards recognize performers and artistic projects that both reflect positively on and provide opportunities for people of color in the entertainment industry.”

Though he is a good speaker and can be entertaining, Van Jones is not an entertainer, but he has made real efforts to reflect positively on and provide opportunities for people of color.

Thirdly, this will likely bring in ratings because he is such an unusual and “controversial” award recipient who can probably bring in first time viewers.

It’s about time the NAACP takes a stand that would make them unpopular with some interests in defense of a Black person.

Jealous has called Van Jones an American treasure in the editorial column NAACP president: Van Jones a misunderstood treasure on

According to Fox News came after Jones again recently with a video montage of a series of quotes strung together from the former White House green jobs adviser taken completely out of context.

Check out the video below and the well done reporting in defense of Mr. Jones and the truth from Fox News Attacks ‘This Guy’ Van Jones With ‘Sound Bites We Strung Together In A Montage’ at The Wonk Room.

Fox News Attacks ‘This Guy’ Van Jones With ‘Sound Bites We Strung Together In A Montage

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