I don’t much care for this Glenn Beck character and when I say that I really mean it. I only knew who he was maybe last year. It seemed to me his rocket to fame shot up inexplicably fast, faster than Beyonce’s fame, and even more out of nowhere for me. I never intended for this website to be a home for this guy, Jay-Z or the Mrs., and yet here we are….

Apparently this fiery right wing FOX News “talk” show host is secretly Al Gore, a treehugging hippie liberal.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration about both parties, but according to a recent Mother Jones article Beck has views that are clearly contrary to those of his most loyal viewers and his on air persona. These revelations are from a recent interview Beck did with USA Weekend.

You’d be an idiot not to notice the temperature change” ~Glenn Beck

Not only is Glenn Beck a believer in climate change but he also believes it’s a problem and in part manmade.

There’s nothing wrong with believing in facts and science. Sadly, doing the opposite, at least in public can have terrible consequences.

His denial of climate change was so persistent on air that he and his followers were instrumental in the ousting of White House green jobs promoter The Great Van Jones.

In Is Glenn Beck A Secret Treehugger? on find out how Beck insisted on having in his new house designed, what liberal celebrity he likes and how he feels about CFL light bulbs.

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