The new documentary called Forks over Knives wants to give you the answer to the reason why Americans have “the most advanced medical technology in the world” though we are some of the sickest in the world.

Many of us don’t even think about how often we here warnings about heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke, let alone how many people we know with those afflictions. It brings it home to us in a different way when we ourselves are the ones with the morbid diagnosis.

Even then though, are we really surprised? Do we really not know the causes of these diseases?

My guess is yes and no. Diet and exercise sounds like common sense but as French philosopher Voltaire stated “Common sense is not so common”.

Forks over Knives attempts to give a bitter idea of what we’re dealing with while advocating a mostly plant based diet. This kind of diet is actually the “greenest” diet you can have because meat production as it stands is incredibly harmful to the environment.

Not ready to give up your cheeseburgers yet? Check out the trailer below the jump. What do you have to lose? It’s free!

Forks Over Knives – Movie Trailer

The film is due for release in the summer of 2010.

Click on to read the synopsis of the movie and learn more.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m going to have a cheeseburger right now. Yep, I do eat meat, a lot of it is organic, preferably nitrate free.

If you’re a proud meat eater just know I don’t take it upon myself to make you feel bad for that. I feel if you are going to make healthier changes in your diet at any time positive reinforcement is important for positive changes.

Remember you don’t need to be persuaded to change your diet immediately, unless your doctor or your body says otherwise, but if you are going to consider it information is vital.

Do you feel you already knew diet and exercise were the answer to many of the diseases listed above? Do you maintain a plant based diet and exercise? If you don’t yet you believe those are the keys to good health what is stopping you from eating better?

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