Silent Jay On Global Warming

Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza. Bo, the Obama’s family pet, plays in the snow during a blizzard on the south grounds of the White House, Feb. 10, 2010.

In case you’re wondering Silent Jay is one of my fellow bloggers. Not to be confused with Jay Smooth or Jay Electronica, this is another Jay entirely. This one is silent…but not really. You can hear his voice in the video below.

You can find this Jay at or his channel on youtube at SilentJutube where he tackles a wide array of topics like “White Privilege” and Gilbert Arenas’s recent “dumb” moves.

He’s gotten into vlogging now, or making making video blog posts and I thought this one would be appropriate based on our recent snow storms in New York City and the Northeast.

Some right wingers and skeptics consider these recent snowstorms evidence that global warming is a farce. The response from those who know is usually “extreme weather patterns are a sign of global warming”. That all sounds like a convenient way to win an argument. The thing is that information is always around and bringing it out as a response to a global warming naysayer sounds a little too convenient.

Here are some of Silent Jay’s entertaining thoughts on global warming.

Silent Jay on Global Warming

Thanks for the shout out homie!

What are your thoughts on this video? What are your thoughts on global warming? Do you believe snowstorms make global warming sound fake?

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