BHM Quote: Harry Allen On Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”

Here on we’re in the middle of Black History Month Quotes and Jay Smooth Quotes Week. I’m interrupting the latter to bring you the words of Harry Allen as part of my response to comments on my post about Tavis Smiley ending his State of the Black Union address.

I made some glowing remarks about journalist Mr. Allen the Media Assassin in that post. For me, what those panels are missing are voices from persons like Harry Allen, Rosa Clemente and Jay Smooth.

Anyway, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Allen and his intelligence. He’s is considered by some to be the only Hip Hop journalist ever, cause he’s that dude. So rather than actually posting the love letters to Harry Allen’s brain that I will never send him with some quote, I’ve decided to post this instead and this is why.

He’s one of the Twitterers I like to follow and boy does he tweet! His tweets are informative, or comments on other tweets or conversational. In early February, however, Mr. Allen shot off these 4 tweets in a row and it stood out to me. Of all the amazing things I’ve heard him say I chose this as his quote. Read them in chronological order, which on Twitter is from bottom to top.

Harry Allen’s tweets about Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C”

Is this what they call dry snitching? Sorry Mr. Allen! I was a little surprised at this though. My thoughts were “Exhibit A” is better than “Exhibit C” and the latter is pretty overrated now.

Maybe it’s an obtuse comparison, but I think MF Doom & Madlib’s “Fancy Clown” has a similar sampling style, but has a subject matter that makes more sense with the sample and better sample usage period. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you and sure he was talking about the lyrics, I know. I guess I was listening on the first level, lol.

Anyway I trust Mr. Allen and his beautiful brain so I tried it.

Impressive, yes. Long Live Jay Electronica, yes. But all that for “Exhibit C”? I thought.

Maybe Mr. Allen went in order and by the time he got to C he broke down? That makes sense cause C alone wouldn’t do that for me, but I probably couldn’t write that and I’m glad “Exhibit C” exists. Still isn’t it dope to hear a man speak about another man’s work like that? To hear anyone talk about new rap songs like that?

We both agree that Jay Elec-Hannukah is the truth. “Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)” was like a part of me that was missing that I finally got back when I heard it. I think any excuse to pay his music is good times. So here’s all 3 songs named above, the lyrics to “Exhibit C” and a bonus.

Jay Electronica- “Exhibit C”

Here are the lyrics as transcribed by Jay Elec himself courtesy of where you can read the comments section and add to the conversation there too.

Jay Electronica- “Exhibit A (Transformations)”

MF Doom & Madlib- “Fancy Clown”

And because I care here’s…

“Cross My Heart” by Billy Stewart

If you like Jay Electronica please go out and support him instead of downloading cause this is how it happens man, then you won’t see him no more.

If you like Harry Allen you can always see him at his website or follow him too on twitter at

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Nonfiction is like Media Assassin, Harry Allen’s blog, with the addition of Mr. Allen’s voice. To me this guy actually sounds smart, and this is what I mean when I say that: it’s not just in his words but his actual voice. I don’t think you can have a voice like that and not be intelligent. I realized that listening to him-blew my mind! That’s good stuff. Alright, enough of that- Valentine’s Day is over!

WBAI is a Non-commercial, listener sponsored radio station. Kind of like PBS or Channel Thirteen occasionally they ask for donations. The station is currently in fund raising mode. If you like Media Assassin or the Media Assassin’s words you can support Harry Allen on his show Nonfiction. You can also support Underground Railroad with Jay Smooth. To donate to WBAI HERE

What do you think about Harry Allen’s comments? What are your thoughts on my comments? Do you like Jay Electronica? Do you think “Fancy Clown” is irrelevant here? Did reading the lyrics to “Exhibit C” do anything for you?

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