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Photo Credit: Madam Toussaint, No that’s not Jay Smooth above!

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My least favorite trend of recent years is how the term “freestyle” has been redefined as referring only to rhyming off-the-top, which has led to a vehement (and IMO irrational) disdain for performing written rhymes in any cypher or live venue.

I believe this mindset is entirely misguided, and can be terribly unhealthy for the art form.

I think this strict constructionism is often a product of insecurity, especially among younger heads who weren’t around for Hip-Hop’s early days or the Golden Age of ’85 to ’91 (or thereabouts). Without these credentials they need a concrete list of rules to which they can conform, and thus reassure themselves that they are “real” or “true”.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing I suppose. There’s nothing wrong with putting together a system that helps you maintain a sense of tradition.

But you’ve got to keep it in perspective. A system of law should serve to protect your freedom, rather than take it away. ~Jay Smooth, blogger and vlogger, on Hip-Hop fundamentalists and freestyling


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I had a conversation about this with a friend who wasn’t born in the 90s yet still wasn’t into rap during the Golden Era. She told me in a time when everything is prepackaged, written by a publicist and even reality shows are scripted we want a freestyle to really be off the dome. It’s the only thing that unscripted now in Hip Hop now.

Personally I like a freestyle to be off the top of your head if you’re going to call it a freestyle, however I am aware that this is not everyone’s forte. And it doesn’t need to be. I don’t need my favorite rappers to do everything well. Lauryn Hill or Chuck D to freestyling- totally unnecessary.

“Freeway & Peedi Crakk Freestyle”

Not my favorite freestyle but something like a classic…

There’s nothing wrong with writing rhymes down and doing different drafts can get you better product in the end, just like how we were taught in school.. There’s a few rappers out there I’d like to mail some spiral notebooks to. Better yet marble so you don’t loose anything.

Who can say what’s in a rapper’s head anyway? Maybe nothing’s off the dome. Canibus has prefab phrases already set- do his freestyles still count as freestyles?

What do you think? Is anything off the dome these days? Who are your favorite rappers that can’t freestyle? Do you like a rapper more if they can freestyle well?


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