The Holidays Are Here And We’re Still At War

p l a t o o n [#1]
p l a t o o n [#1] by Jesse Wright

As a kid I remember reading about WWII battles during Christmas and thinking how awful that was. “Those soldiers would have been happier at home for Christmas. It sucks the people in charge couldn’t give them a day off.”

Like I said I was a kid and knew nothing of how Christmas came to be December 25th for so many or what wars would and would not stop for.

This year it pains me that the U.S. is at war again and it still bothers me just a little more during the holidays.

Singer songwriter Brett Dennen wrote the song “The Holidays Are Here (and We’re Still at War)”. The song was likely written during the Bush administration when it seemed people were more disgusted with war, probably the Iraq war to be specific.

All this time later the war in Afghanistan is the war in the forefront, which it seems many Americans were more comfortable with. Our new escalation in troops brought to us by a young president who campaigned on being anti war in Iraq further commits this country to even more holidays at war.

“The Holidays Are Here (and We’re Still at War)” is impressive in its scope with lyrics that talk about everyone from shoppers to soldiers to bankers to Hurricane Katrina in a non preachy way. How did he manage to include so much and make a good song with so many words? Check out the song or video below.


Brett Dennen – “The Holidays Are Here (and We’re Still at War) LIVE”

Listen for the slight reggae influence…

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