Want “Good Hair”? New Pill To Make Hair Straight


Scientists have discovered the gene responsible for curly hair and they are developing a treatment to cure you of those awful curls from the inside out.

Likewise the pill would also make curly hair straight. So maybe it’s human to see the grass as being greener on the other side. On graduation picture day in high school I discovered girls with curly hair wanted straight hair and girls with straight hair wanted curls.

Surely with all the straighteners, relaxers, curling irons, texturizers, sprays and serums there’s a lot of money to be made here for the company that can capitalize on this. Professor Nick Martin, author of the research, will be in talks with a major cosmetics company in January.

Madvillain (MF Doom & Madlib)-“Curls”


“Villain get the money like curls”

Love this beat, nicely varied soundscape.

He claims the findings can also help with forensics investigators to determine the texture of hair of an assailant based on a DNA sample.

So what does this all mean for Black people? It means you can’t ditch your Duke or your Creme of Nature just yet, good hair genetic engineering may be further away than you think. Professor Martin and colleague Dr Sarah Medland sought only studied the genetic variations of those of European descent.

“Research showed that 45% of European people have straight hair, 40% wavy and 15% curly hair. The chance of inheriting curly hair is around 90 per cent.”

I don’t know how long this pill would last for, a lifetime of 24 hours. A good bet is probably closer to 24 hours to maximize profits.

If a pill like this were available for Black people now the company selling it would make a fortune, but wouldn’t that be sad?

What if it was so pervasive it was permanent and the genes for hair like the texture of the lady pictured above was driven into extinction?

Would it be fully tested for side effects? Would you take if you knew the side effects would appear for decades?

Would that pill essentially be race hatred in pill form? What do you think?

Src: Feel like straighter hair? Just pop a pill developed after discovery of ‘curly gene’


  1. ceuma

    I cant believe that you said a “cure for curly hair… our hair is not a disease… I have curly hair and love it…..now people want to change their hair genetically !? It is said that we got this far…. black women don’t be a slave of your hair, embrace it….

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