The New York City Department of Health has released a 30 second video aimed at getting you to stop drinking soda so you can stop becoming obese. Yeah you.

The anti soda ad features a man drinking fat.

Some say the ads go too far and grossing people out is unnecessary. Seriously, how nasty is that pic above? hahaha

The Health Department says over the course of a year drinking one non-diet soda a day can make you 10 pounds heavier.

Also being targeted are sports drinks and energy drinks.

The American Beverage Association called the campaign fired back: “If the goal is to reduce obesity among New Yorkers, then this public education campaign should be based in fact, not simply sensationalized video that inaccurately portrays our industry’s products, products that are fat-free.”

It’s true a lot of those beverages are fat free and not at all what people think of when they think of fattening foods anyway. Sugar has a lot of effects on the human body, like diabetes and insulin resistance, and maybe the ad should have shown that. Then again what do you want in 30 seconds I guess.

The Health Department is instead encouraging alternative beverages like seltzer or plain old NYC tap water, which is sometimes brown. Wanna watch the vid?

Are You Pouring on the Pounds?

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